Welcome to Voyagerland!

I’m Mary Howard, the adventurer behind this website. As an American who has been traveling the globe full-time for the past eight years, I’m excited to share my experiences with you.

I launched Voyagerland in 2019 to chronicle my international adventures, showcase my photography, and offer tips and insights for fellow travelers seeking unique, off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Currently, I’m based in Bali, Indonesia, where I met my wonderful wife, Intan, a Bali native. Together, we embark on thrilling escapades, exploring the world’s hidden gems.

Our journeys have taken us on bucket list hikes, up active volcanoes, through exotic wildlife habitats, and to awe-inspiring castles, temples, and monuments.

My work has been featured by BBC Travel, NBC News, Time, and other notable publications.

While I haven’t been everywhere yet, it’s all on my list. I hope Voyagerland inspires and aids you in your own travels. Happy exploring!

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about me

Welcome to my travel website! I’m Mary Howard, an American who has been exploring the world full-time for 8 years.

Together with my husband, Intan, we often find ourselves in our second home, Bali, but our adventures take us to exciting destinations all over the globe.

Join us on our journey!



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